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Get Payoneer Master Card – Step By Step Guide

Payoneer is a well known internet based financial service that help users to send and receive money by using prepaid MasterCard anywhere in the world. Payoneer was established back in 2005 and due to their best services they gain a lot of users around the world and nowadays different companies are already registered it and you can easily withdraw your money by using your Payoneer account. If you’re looking for any best alternative of Paypal or Paypal is not available in your country then you can use its big alternative Payoneer and send money to your loved ones around the world.

Get Payoneer Master Card

You can do more than your expectations by using your Payoneer account because if you’re freelancer and you’ve joined  some popular freelancing websites then you can easily receive payments in just few minutes however if you want to buy something from internet then you can also use your Payoneer Debit Card and purchase anything that you want. There is also some other benefits of Payoneer MasterCard that we’ve discussed below.

Benefits of Payoneer MasterCard

Here are some amazing benefits of using Payoneer Master Card.

Get Payments from US Complies:­

Basically Payoneer will provide you one US bank account that you can use for getting payments from different US companies and after it withdraw your money by using your MasterCard.

No Bank Account Required:

There is no need of any bank account to receive payments, you just need to have Payoneer account and you can easily get your money from any ATMs that allow MasterCard.

Account Held in US Dollars:

Your all money will be saved in US dollars but whenever you want to withdraw it then you can simply receive it in your country currency.

Payments Available in 2 Hours:

This is because of their best services, whenever you get money from any company to your Payoneer account then you can withdraw it within two hours from local ATMs.

Use MasterCard for Online Shopping:

You can also use your Payoneer MasterCard for online shopping and purchase different things from internet, for example if you want to purchase webhosting or domain name for your website then you can easily buy it in just few seconds however if you want to do some online shopping then you can also do it by using your Card.

There is also some other benefits of using Payoneer Card that you can read on their official website and now here we are going to show you that how the whole process will work.

How to Order Payoneer Master Card?

After getting some information about Payoneer, the next step is to join Payoneer because we’ve already discussed that Payoneer is only one of the best method for Asian countries, where PayPal is not available, so this is one of the best choice for you to get money from different US companies.

This is very simple and easy process to join Payoneer, you just need to go on below link and fill all information and make sure that all information that you’ve entered on Payoneer signup page is correct and one thing always keep In mind that don’t forget this information that you’ve entered on Payoneer signup page because in feature they can ask anything so if you can’t remember it then you may face some problems, so first of all simply save it in text document and in feature whenever they ask, you can simply enter all information correctly. Below is a link that you can use for joining Payoneer.

Join Payoneer Now & Earn $25

After signup you just need to wait for your card and once its arrived, simply activate it from your account and if you’ve used above link for joining Payoneer then whenever you’ve loaded your first $100 to your account then you will get $25 more.

Below we’ve shared a complete video tutorial that helps you to understand whole process easily.

How to Get Payoneer MasterCard (Video Tutorial)

We hope after watching above video tutorial, you can easily understand whole process that how Payoneer works and how you can easily use it for sending and receiving money online because we’ve discussed each step of this tutorial with fully detail.

Final Words!

It’s very simple and easy process to join Payoneer and get MasterCard however if you’ve faced any problem or you have any question about this topic then let us know in comment section and share our work with your friends because that’s only thing that we need from you, so don’t forget to share it.

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